Sid’s Ledge has moved!!

Dear all.. 

I am now at

please come visit me there… 

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When we look up into the night sky… like we must have 1000’s of years ago… we must not have seen much pattern.. but as we went about our world with its storms and uncertainty.. we would have longed for patterns.. some kind of predictability… like we mostly got when day changed to night and then came around again on the next day… when we look around us today.. we want some kind of structure.. in the same way crystals.. make predictably beautiful patterns.. we hope that somehow life can be – on a level where we can believe.. conforming to some similar pattern… I am no different as I try to make sense of my world… and there are patterns where we don’t expect to see them.. imagine those great astronomers who started to recognize that our stars are arranged in galaxies.. that then expand into these beautiful spiral vortexes… chaos giving way to pattern.. to some aspect of predictability.. to the idea of design conforming to laws governing universal processes that are at once molecular and also galactic.. there is great comfort in that… the mere act of seeking pattern.. whether an artist.. a biologist… a physicist… we are engaging in an act of deep faith.. belief that the pattern will yield if we just look in the right way… Students of Chaos Theory understood that just depending on the point of view.. or how the information is assembled.. patterns can be realized… described by a mathematical equation… there is tremendous comfort in that… in a world that seems perpetually hinged on uncertainty…

My life’s quest… is based in a deep faith… a need that such patterns should exist if subjected to the right interrogation… my boats… the way they interact – generating their patterns… move into unknown zones – holding on tightly to each other to navigate the seams of the unknown… all the while being convinced that we are held together by some deep pattern… deep laws of connection that transcend material and give us hope..


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gallery recollection

Gallery opened


2 people came in

I smiled..


I smiled again..



They walked down the corridor

and left


drinking a Segafredo which I had to walk

quite far to find.


this IS Paddington!

coffee should be closer.


It is delicious

the silence.

I just saw Francis Keevil’s truck drive



Estelle came in




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love.. no more

I saw a couple kiss this morning

As they said goodbye at the traffic light

Just a gentle peck…

And I just thought it incredible

that we do that

that we need that……..   that absolute minimal touch of two


                                                as they part


                                                                            the minimal and fragile and transient

                                                                              connection of two Boat Building Blocks

                                                                             that.. even in that connection

                                                                                even if its quick… lies all the possibility

                                                                                    and uncertainty..

                                                                                                                     which is just love

                                                                                                   no more


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Boat Theory

I always used to paint boats

one boat per painting

big monoliths

that told a story

I tried to find meaning

in these boats

I wondered if they

were me.

but I was never satisfied

by being a boat

but then I decided.. what if

I was not a boat

but somehow made up

of boats

lots of little interacting


no longer alone

but working together

in weird and wonderful

and mysterious ratios

like building blocks

slowly unfolding me

and my story as

they sail into the

broken page

sewing it up

to be whole once


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running title.. how to overturn a boat?

Mechanism of Boat Inversion

Short Communication: Steven I. Durbach and Sid Sledge

Recent results suggest that Boat Building Blocks can be inverted when caught up in continuous.. infinitely diminishing spirals… the property of most matter and objects to invert or be overturned is embedded in the architecture underlying everything… through the interaction of discrete (i.e. discontinuous) BBBs with continuous.. infinitely diminishing spirals.  (see Fig.1).


Fig.1 Showing Boat Building Blocks (BBBs) caught and being inverted in a randomly occurring spirals

Boat Building Blocks caught in spirals.. which periodically appear as breaks in the continuum… continue to proliferate down to the infinitely small vortex structure of the spiral.. at a certain point or

region.. the BBBs can no longer be comfortably accommodated because of their discrete size… this juncture where there is an interaction between the discrete / discontinuous boats and the infinitely continuous, but diminishing spiral.. leads to an as yet undefined mechanism.. but which clearly involves evident warping and stretching of BBBs.. the fact that they can accommodate such distortions[1] allows this seam transgression to take place and for the resulting boats to be inverted as they exit the spiral.

This quirk in the underlying architecture therefore goes some way to explaining the ability of structures to be overturned and inverted.. but also more subtly other properties such as left and right handedness of much of matter and its emergent forms, as well as mirror-imaging.


[footnote : 1] The distortions are necessary to maintain the Hierarchy of Law.. where the way boats interact is superior to maintaining their structural integrity.. thus stretching or warping is accommodated to maintain connectivity rules

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Evolutionary Tree.. (with accompanying poem by Dalmazio Barbare)


photo (31)

Not everything that flies is bird…
Not everything that swims is fish…
Not everything that walks is sheep…
Not everything that weeps is man…

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