Tissue roll

In the chaos of life… (Daddy.. I like this picture.. which one ruthie… turn your head.. yes.. alongside the garden thank you ruthie.. your teacher is right.. daddy yes.. ummm.. I tried to colour not the pink the bits.. I tried.. how did lisa make this.. she bought it.. its nice hey.. maybe the shops made it… had to try push the beads in… ) you have to let or try to let it all flow in to some sort of art.. that is what I try… I am desperate to integrate it… feel like I am running out of time or have to make the most of time (it is a knife a kind of knife.. for cutting paper mostly and canvas,,,, hey??? It is true.. what? those what? Those ones where they have dots under.. I like using dots .. I always did…) what does that all say??? In the chaos of life daddy U like this picture… which one ruthie I said…. Turn your head you said turn your head… . alongside the garden.. say thanks.. and I did…. Then I tried to say something about how I want life to fit into art and a knife… that is what all of this says Ruthie… .. is that getting better.. does it look bad.. no.. oh good.. I should put some betadine on it Ruthie…. And daddy.. yes… write Ora’s gone to school (doorbell!!!)

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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