The Auction

David convinced Sid to put some paintings up at a charity at global gallery for auction.. Sid.. not really knowing what an auction was… what’s that ruthie.. Something brown looking like peanut butter…. So… or even not knowing much about this charity saw it as an opportunity to get work hung at this global gallery daddy can you draw me something.. what sweetie… d’you want me to.. I am going to try copy this chair for you… so the format to my horror required us to go up and stand before (defend) our work… which then went under the hammer – not literally.. but close.. david… stood there.. to his relief.. quite quickly his paintings sold.. not the price he was hoping for.. but he could step away… I stood there.. spoke eloquently to the crowd of about 50… about what motivated these paintings… then the auction began.. $300 for the pair (I think)_.. nothing silence.. the smile or expression on my face froze there.. daddy I did a mistake so decided.. hmmm this would be dogfood.. let me look…. The auctioneer… the charity queen of the event.. trying to do a square for the green chair… dropped the price to I think $100.. nothing.. I stood there.. humiliated… David… close.. Janette and Shreya close… supportive.. but support is strange when you are under the hammer.. daddy I copied the chair… eventually after an agony.. it was over.. no sale.. but I looked at my paintings on that wall.. and thought to myself.. these are good paintings.. they have not been diminished by this experience.. so they did not sell.. but I left feeling elated.. strangely euphoric… my paintings were still what they were they had not changed by being unbought.. but I had been liberated by that… thanks to all the 50folk or so who did not buy my paintings.. can you write there is a fairy up in the sky… I am going to global on Wednesday for my opening the same gallery of my humiliation… I can’t wait to go..

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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