The Swimming Lesson

Are we in the desert.. we not in the desert.. what I am trying to do with these drawings.. is try to integrate them into the flow of an experience.. sounds pretentious.. and probably is.. but luckily being an artist.. I get to do these seemingly pretentious things.. leaves me wondering really what pretentious means and why it is bad.. I probably just don’t understand what it is.. this drawing approaches getting this integration… quite nicely.. the composition is nice and smooth.. has an abstract quality.. which all experiences have.. in that they can never be fully realized… there is always noise separating the bits of sensation that engage the senses.. and jostle for best position in the nervous system.. by the end of it all we have a picture of that experience.. which is a summation of a lot of this sensory neuronal experience.. but here I am trying to include the noise.. it is of course impossible.. but worth a shot.. and in the swimming lesson (Ruthie’s not mine).. I get to sit for 30 min so it is a good opportunity to do the experiment.. even if under the occasional eye.. of a slightly disconcerted mum.. who has pried herself away from her iphone.. long enough to say ‘go chloe!!’

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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