love experiment

experiment: can every action be carried out with love?

duration (11/04/05 – 11/05/05)

hypothesis: every action can be enabled / carried out with love

taken as fact: a feeling of love can be summoned to support every action.

Main question:  Are there orders of magnitude Actions where love is easily and more readily made available.. i.e/e.g

tier 1: taking sugar off a shelf.. can that be done with love?

tier 2: feeding child…

tier 3: interaction with strangers.

tier 4: painting

I suspect and suggest that ‘tier’-ing is arbitrary and what is more likely is tier 1 = tier 2 = tier 3 = tier 4…

if love summoned…

During this time.. we are preparing for the passover… so.. I am reading the story of EXODUS…. while walking skippy and Cash.. I realised what the story is about on another level… The story is also about the emancipation of ourselves from our ego’s,,,, for one thing Moses had to diminish his ego to enable himself to be a mouthpiece of G-d… Moses was a slave to his personality deficiencies.. he does not like talking… leading….

G-d’s response is interesting,,, he nullifies personal deficiencies by just stating that he will be with Moshe’s mouth…

This is much like summoning LOVE to my actions… it nullifies the personal instinct / history / fears that the body gathers on its journey through life…


When  the ego diminishes… i.e. becomes less wrapped up in itself… all that is left is L O V E / G – D who speaks / acts…

portrait of Annie Liebovitz' photo of the legendary WSBurroughs

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Sid
    I thought I could leave an arbitrary comment about this but turns out we’ll have to talk again some time. Needs more discussion.

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