love experiment (contd); part II

I can understand why temptation (and sin??) are the basis of many religions.. it is clear that when you commit to life / love.. there are things on that path which are pleasurable / feel good.. and seem free to do along the way… but really it seems they may just be distractions.. as false gods….

things that blaze love from billboards… but don’t deliver

false god provides certainty.. certainty = death… what I mean is… when you are navigating the storm of love.. looking for it’s still centre… it sits there like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.. it cannot be pinned down.. only occasionally sampled in uncoordinated space…

it is that still centre.. in the fear (it’s role in all of this) generated storm.. in which beauty can and must be located…

when love is caged… it is not love.. just the thin veneer of it that promises but cannot deliver life…  pornography.

The thin veneer of pleasure can be a portal to a whole lot of pain if left unchecked

everything worthwhile operates in that narrow zone of uncertainty bounded up between love and fear.

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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1 Response to love experiment (contd); part II

  1. Etosha Pan says:

    This is such a good and true piece of writing. So damn good. You must not be distracted from your mission.

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