coffee machine god

my 4 year old AEG coffee espresso maker is a bit broken,,, which means it has now become quite sophisticated.. it has developed of its own accord… a randomized facility to produce within a given sequence.. within its own appointed position.. one bad cup of coffee in amongst a string of good cups…. my machine has now become a device of faith.. I have noticed as I prostrate myself before it in the morning.. my hands are firmly clasped… if it is my time for the one bad cup.. it is a necessary sacrifice.. to keep this god happy.. when it delivers a good cup… my feeling is of epiphanous joy.. as my machine deteriorates.. tends towards abstraction… delivering even less good coffee….. the hope of good coffee.. till only the myth of coffee remains..  then we have in it.. a fully fledged God… and the advantage of all of this faith is that I do not have to call or interact with a service repair man.

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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3 Responses to coffee machine god

  1. Etoshapan says:

    I love this writing and symbolism and meaning, and I also fear that sometimes faith can be a justification for avoidance…..

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