the stolen painting

Saturday night I went painting with Dbrook and just before wrapping up for the night… just before… or maybe just a bit after midnight I walked with my easel – which had a fresh painting on it.. I walked over to Dbrook… for a consultation.. he was about 50m up.. just on the intersection.. I left behind a painting that I had mostly finished – or had enough of for now – discreetly against a shop window.. got waylaid at David’s station as was just loving him being crazy on his canvas… ~10min later.. I headed back to my station.. only to find my painting gone.. we were in a busy part of Surry Hills.. corner.. approximately Crown and Cleveland streets.. so numerous people would have passed.. the possibility that one of them would have removed my painting had not entered my mind.. my initial reaction was… ‘oh… hmmm… I think I liked that painting.. I don’t want it to be gone…’ I looked up the road and saw a young man.. approximately my age.. standing outside club 505.. where Ilan Kidron was performing.. him being a friend of Dbrook.. and the primary motive for us being there…. I went over to him.. he seemed like a nice guy just from looking at him… and I said.. ‘ummm.. could I please have my painting back…’ he replied that it had just been sitting there.. unattended… so he picked it up.. so.. I.. as always.. not wanting to be in any way confrontational.. just mentioned to him that it was still wet.. and that he should therefore return it.. lest he gets covered in paint… to which he replied that.. that had already happened.. I noted the streaks on his blue denims.. he asked if turpentine would get that off.. and I responded that it would.. or any other type of thinners.. I then took custody of the painting.. and bade the thief farewell.. .. and I went back over to Dbrook to report the incident.. he noting that.. ‘hmmm.. that must make it a good painting…’

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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1 Response to the stolen painting

  1. Roger says:

    Them sons of bitches!

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