3 stories that gave my day perspective

the one that was in my head: I am struggling to get over results of a study done at – I think a university in Queensland.. (they got! funding for this I presume).. they found that – at the above certain baseline levels of caffeine (cofffeee).. people were more likely to hear the melody of ‘White Christmas’ in a background of white noise… the scientist in charge pointed out (authoritatively) that the melody was not actually contained in the noise… what does he know??? – is my first question.. his conclusion.. coffee.. .essentially may be dangerous.. and may require a health warning – like tobacco… if people are hearing music where there isn’t… they are lucky – surely… and well.. it really just concludes that the music is there… it just needed to be teased out of the universe.. I think they could have chosen a better song.. but so be it…


the second story (while walking the dogs)… walked past a door

painted in yellow

around the door

encompassing the area that the door sweeps over when opened

a warning sign in the yellow painted area

caution : opening door

here we are to be afraid of doors opening


third story.. (happened very soon after door opening)

I approached an old lady at a bus stop..

she was trying to flag down a truck..

which she mistook for a bus….

because she was so old and frail.

I felt saddened by her miserable existence

as I passed.. she s(ensed)aw my dogs…

a big smile

expansive – like the universe

covered her withered face as she cooed the dogs

I passed

it was no longer clear whose was the miserable existence

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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2 Responses to 3 stories that gave my day perspective

  1. Galia says:

    I love it. You are a poet….

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