daylight pottery

descending the stair case growls

hair larvae collect

In the drain

but I’m doing fine all

of the time

Gina lost weight

5kg in 7 days Mary Anne!

cancel cancel all the time hello

their total tan control

and then a

girl sitting cross-legged in shop

waiting for noodles

red woman red dressed and him with

blackeded jacket for effect and then

coffee somehow always coffee

otherwise no dice having a blood test

but can’t have coffee before so now I

cannot see the point I will do that for

coffee maybe the man  said to his

willful child in may near the end of

may and still his sunglasses sat on

the table in some way blocking

the wind as I wait for my noodles and

someone’s mobile phone gets it right

to play a symphony and still the fire

waited to come fire extinguishers sat

on their walls like the heads of dead

antelopes but with a plan it’s all about’

intention she muttered again god!i

love soup.


About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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