Sid’s instability


As I get older… I worry more about what is around me unknown and unknowable.. I have a sense that the solid ground underneath me is not really there.. and I wonder if the reason I have that sense is that it is in fact a bit true… and that we are deceived by the overtness and dominance of our major senses (sight smell touch sound)

Our senses give us the information necessary to operate magnificently in this world… but at the same time.. they also limit our access to our world.. the way we are wired… makes us access the world at a certain scale… for instance we can resolve a difference between  me and a buffalo… two ants… walking quite close together; not too far from us… we can’t see a bacteria migrating up a lettuce leaf.. and we have a severely warped sense of the past because we can’t smell very well or very accurately.. like dogs.. who must see the past as part of the present whenever they stop to smell this mysterious seemingly arbitrary piece of ground.. because our senses largely dictate how we experience our world.. we cant easily imagine other possibilities for how our world could be… so where we perceive ourselves to be sitting on a solid earth we are so sensorally saturated by that that we can’t perceive

of ourselves

sitting on top of waves of probability

which undulate

beneath us making some things in that moment

possible and others

improbable.. if we knew this we may find ourselves


at things..

but with the futile sense

that the thing we clutch at

lets call it a bicycle…

is sitting as

unstably atop its own little peak

as we are

on ours///

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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