the dying word bird




I often sit and draw with nothing in mind as I go and then look at it after for clues.. I do think it is a way of processing or highlighting what is currently in my conscious mind and I am sure the subconscious babbles through in this process.. how I then interpret the drawing is affected by exactly what is used to create it.. without over-analysing it I note that in this drawing the bleeding bird.. holding the word.. and it made me think about how our words have become impoverished in everyday speak.. they are bleeding outside their cages.. some not even sure where their cages are anymore.. when an ice-cream or a car can be described as awesome and sublime.. where does it leave those small miracles that try to show their faces in our everyday.. they become shut out.. I think this drawing laments that..

About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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