gallery recollection

Gallery opened


2 people came in

I smiled..


I smiled again..



They walked down the corridor

and left


drinking a Segafredo which I had to walk

quite far to find.


this IS Paddington!

coffee should be closer.


It is delicious

the silence.

I just saw Francis Keevil’s truck drive



Estelle came in




About sidsledge

I am the heart of the scientist and the mind of an artist
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2 Responses to gallery recollection

  1. etoshapan says:

    Nice one Steve!


  2. gipsika says:

    Hey Steve!!

    This compares with the book launch we had in Durbs. 4 authors’ books. And 1 couple of friends came in. Nobody else. People walked in, browsed the shop, shot a glance at the launch tables and left. We ended up having coffee with the friends…

    You’ve put it into such a beautiful poem! It says it all.

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