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Sid’s Ledge has moved!!

Dear all..  I am now at please come visit me there… 

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Why we like patterns so much Continue reading

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gallery recollection

Gallery opened 10h50 2 people came in I smiled.. nothing. I smiled again.. nothing.   They walked down the corridor and left   drinking a Segafredo which I had to walk quite far to find. surprising this IS Paddington! coffee … Continue reading

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love.. no more

I saw a couple kiss this morning As they said goodbye at the traffic light Just a gentle peck… And I just thought it incredible that we do that that we need that……..   that absolute minimal touch of two                                             … Continue reading

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Boat Theory

I always used to paint boats one boat per painting big monoliths that told a story I tried to find meaning in these boats I wondered if they were me. but I was never satisfied by being a boat but … Continue reading

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running title.. how to overturn a boat?

Mechanism of Boat Inversion Short Communication: Steven I. Durbach and Sid Sledge Recent results suggest that Boat Building Blocks can be inverted when caught up in continuous.. infinitely diminishing spirals… the property of most matter and objects to invert or … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Tree.. (with accompanying poem by Dalmazio Barbare)

  Not everything that flies is bird… Not everything that swims is fish… Not everything that walks is sheep… Not everything that weeps is man…

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