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Uncertainty and all its minions (comment on my painting: Imperial Hotel Mt. Victoria)

While painting on the street.. I am just painting.. putting paint down on the canvas.. like a recent cold morning on the highest part of the blue mountains.. Mount Victoria.. I was painting the Imperial hotel at 6am.. afterwards I … Continue reading

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the illusion of definition

plein air painting has become a way for me to see past the deception of the eye.. which we interpret as a photographic thing but the eye shuttles rapidly between objects overlapping things thrust forward held back the brain with … Continue reading

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Bakri ‘Id Hyderabad

when I was in Hyderabad..  in the middle of the festival of Barkri ‘Id.. a festival where the Muslims celebrate Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice Ishmael.. but he doesn’t.. Allah intervenes and a goat is slaughtered instead.. in Hyderabad.. there were … Continue reading

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Fishy poem from up down there

Sometimes there are Flocks of fish ‘n Birds in my BrainAnd sometimes it’sJust an Empty cage I like the noise My captives makeIt’s company for my fishy me Or do they just peck for freeUp down there from myFishy tree

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I think I sent the notes to Norway while I unpack the dishwasher and listen to Bill Evans Reuben has a little sip of Ruthie’s juice I wish I could paint Bill’s notes the gentle giants that the bassist plays … Continue reading

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Painting Cacophonia

when I go out painting at night I am painting with my nervous system’ when I go out.. and be Sid Sledge in the day Steve is looking after the kids making dinner talking to my wife Being the suburban … Continue reading

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